Receive In-network Doctors Without Insurance.

Problem Statement:

How might we build a platform that goes through every touchpoint in the out of network healthcare service journey for a consumer?

I was tasked with building an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) in a quick timeframe in order to validate the concept to potential investors and partners. Starting with the homepage, the goal was to learn as much about the customer as possible.

This quiz was designed to be both serve as an educational tool and marketing funnel in order to feed users into the mailing list

Once a user selects a time (among three constraints: now, today, tomorrow), they select a location, followed by a booking time. Booking appointment requests were then sent via Slack to relevant parties.

Once we launched the MVP above, the CEO was able to scale customers and attract venture capital. Since then, they started using Webflow a fantastic nocode editor and has hired several full-time developers.

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