Enhancing everybody's quality of life by using data and technology.

About Meports

It started out as a tool to scratch my own itch. I wanted help measuring data points in my everyday to track across my goals. The trends were goldmines.

I started by posting the proof of concept on Reddit which amassed 1000+ signups. Which validated that this was somewhat interesting. Prompty:

  • User feedback was collected via surveys and livechat to build a viewable kanban board for public accountability. This was our feature backlog.
  • Priorities were determined by how often specific features were requested.
  • Started engineering the application using Vue, Flask and MongoDB on an Apache2 EC2 instance.

The main launch on Product Hunt was a hit.

I decided to pivot into the territory of genetic reporting whilst continuing to carry out the Meports mission of quantitative self improvement.

The entire application was built using Flask in an MVC structure with MongoDB as the database on an Apache2 server and WSGI reverse proxy.

Skills used: User Interviewing, Roadmapping, Prototyping, Flask, SQLAlchemy, D3, MongoDB, Python, Facebook SSO, AWS EC2

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